A complete national solution designed to increase the sales, profits, cash flow and valuations of Independent Pharmacies.

About Us

CSC offers an exciting evolution in the pharmaceutical landscape that allows independent pharmacies to achieve optimal business outcomes by taking advantage of existing and potential opportunities.

Our simple 5-step process provides a one-stop-shop and streamlindes experience.
Each element works both independently or together, while pharmacies only pay for services they need – a fully tailored solution.
  1. Expression of Interest

    Pharmacy owner completes the simple EOI form and is contacted by a CSC representative who will discuss their business needs and outline the process with no obligation to move forward. The expression of interest is accessible via our website. Once needs have been determined and agreed, Step 2 commences.
  2. Business Operations Review

    The first step is identifying opportunities in the existing operations, comprising of a comprehensive, confidential two-day on-site review of business operations including all current systems and processes that affect profitability.
    An executive summary document complete with outcomes, solutions and proposed timelines will be provided within 24 hours.
    Management support and coaching is also available as required to ensure the outcomes are achieved, and a 6-month follow-up is included within this process.
  3. Complementary Finance Portfolio Review

    Designed to align with the Business Operations Review to further extract and enhance a financial upside for business owners.
    The Finance Portfolio Review services include a review of existing business and personal financial arrangements to ensure every element is structured and priced correctly as well as a review of working capital and discussion around potential growth strategies.
  4. Design and Shop Fit Solution

    Crosier Scott Complete now offers a complete national design and shop fit solution which includes:
    • An Affordable Makeover Package
    • Full Shop Fits
    • Relocations
    • Greenfield Developments (including a Medical Centre construction option)
    • Our solution comprises of a national network of shop fitters and builders
    Our design team are industry leaders in the design & turn-key delivery of pharmacies, and medical centres with a twenty-five year track record of working with national pharmacy brands.
  5. Planning, Implementation and Project Management

    To ensure retail projects are delivered on time, CSC provides the development of a retail layout, space versus sales analytics and category plan complete with a national merchandising solution. CSC works with all suppliers to ensure efficient implementation and excellent project management.

    “If you want to improve your overall trading position, and with little change to your business, or to its character, then you need the input from Kokoda RX and Greg Kearns.
    A small investment has added significantly to turnover and a significant improvement in gross margin, just by taking on board a myriad of small changes to how things are done.
    Greg Kearns can take your business from ‘how things are always done’ to ‘how things should be done’ which will place you in the upper cohorts of pharmacy business performance”

    – Bruce Robertson, Robertson Group Pharmacies North East Victoria

    “We have no hesitation in recommending Crosier Scott. They have designed and managed the building of pharmacies, a medical centre, shops and units for us over the last 20 years. The quality of their design work and the functionality has always been excellent.”

    – Bill and Helen Scott

Expression of Interest

This EOI is the first step in a process to enhance and strengthen your business goals. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my business information remain confidential?
Yes. A confidentiality agreement will be put in place prior to any work being carried out.
Do I have to sign on and complete all five elements of Crosier Scott Complete?
No, following the EOI, you can choose your required level of participation. It is highly recommended that the Business Operations Review process be completed.

Business Operations Review

What are the fees for the Review process?
Our affordable fee structure will be discussed once your EOI has been received. There is absolutely no cost to you until you have agreed to move forward with the Business Operations Review.
Why does the process take two days?
This ensures the entire operation is thoroughly reviewed to determine the optimal outcomes and understand all opportunities.
How are the findings from the review implemented?
We will work with your team to ensure timely and precise implementation. We also offer ongoing support, coaching and training for you and your team if required.

Financial Portfolio Review

Who is going to complete the Financial Review?
A highly respected national industry provider.
Will my personal and business information remain confidential?
Yes. The provider and the business owner will sign confidentiality agreements.

Architectural Design & Delivery

What if I don’t know what I need?
Our team will work with you to take advantage of every physical aspect of your property to leverage the best outcome for you and your business.
Which builders and shop fitters will be used in the construction stage?
Only leading industry suppliers and builders will be engaged for each project.
Who will project manage my shop fit or construction project?
Our in-house team will co-ordinate the works and work closely with all trades to complete your project on time and on budget.
How do I know I am getting competitive pricing?
Having 20 shop fitters on board allows us to obtain competitive pricing across Australia.
Can I claim an instant tax write off against my project?
There is currently a $150k scheme available from the Federal Government. More information available via this link.
Do you have a financial solution for my project?
We have a highly respected and national industry Finance Brokerage firm available through CSC, to discuss your needs (complementary financial review available).

What Happens Now?

After submitting the EOI, you will be contacted promptly by a member of the CSC team, to discuss your project requirements moving forward.